What I know for sure…

Everyday we get bombarded with constant messages about “getting healthy” or “getting in shape”.

  • “Eating healthy during the holidays”
  • “Don’t gain during the holidays”
  • “Eat clean during the holidays”
  • “Burn off those holiday calories”
  • “Avoid the holiday bulge”
  • “Get healthy”
  • “Reduce stress”
  • “Burn to earn…”

And on and on and on

I don’t know about you, but all of those make me feel stressed in my body. What about just enjoying this period with your family? Remember when that was your only concern?

Here’s the thing, most of us make these big nebulous goals and then we get stuck trying to figure out how to make them work. It’s like having a 500 piece puzzle without a picture of what the final outcome should look like.  But what if I told you that the picture could be whatever you want it to be, not what society tells you it should be? 

You see, I believe that when it comes to improving your health, YOU are your best resource. Yes, when it comes to working through certain medical and mental health conditions, having a solid supportive medical/health team is crucial. But for most everyday goals, oftentimes, you have what you need and you know what will work for you better than anyone else. But you might need someone to help you sort out the puzzle pieces.

Just to be transparent, I’m not talking about “60 days to this” or “7 days to that”. I don’t create meal plans or diet plans. I am not a weight loss coach. I believe our society focuses too much on body size as the sole determinant of health. I think health involves so much more. I also believe that achieving your own health goals is a process and how long it takes depends on what you want to do and how much time you are willing to commit. I’m in this for the long haul and I’m looking for people who are too!

Does this sound like you? Do you have big goals, but aren’t really sure how to get started? 

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