CrossFit Affiliate Partnership

Do you have members in your gym that struggle to stay consistent with class attendance?

As someone who has been in the CrossFit space for 6 years, I’ve seen athletes from all backgrounds and experiences. What I have learned over the years is that the key to fitness is building consistency and being in a community of support. That’s at the heart of the CrossFit community.

As an affiliate owner, caring for your community’s fitness and well being is top on your list along with athlete retention. But what I’ve heard and seen is that even in the best communities, it’s hard for affiliate owners to work 1:1 with their athletes on accountability and behavior change. That’s why I’ve created the CONNECT 2U Program.

The mission of the CONNECT2U Program is to help your athletes build consistency to stay in your community. My goal is to work in partnership with you and your athletes and to keep them in your gym. We do this through goals setting, behavior change and accountability work. So my work complements the work you’re doing in the gym.

What’s included in the program?

1:1 Coaching Calls
(Zoom, Voxer, etc)

Individual Goal Setting Sessions

Digital Workout Tracker

Group Coaching Calls

Access to CONNECT 2U

CONNECT 2U Journal

How much does CONNECT 2U cost? 

A one-time payment of $149; limited spaces at this introductory price. A payment plan is available for those who need it.

Does this program offer workouts? 

No, each member is encouraged to continue following the program of their local gym. We work on habit building around gym attendance in a way that will keep your athletes in your gym.

How long is the CONNECT 2U program?

Beginning in September 2021, the CONNECT 2U program will be a 12 week program.

How do I connect my members to the CONNECT 2U program?

Affiliate owners and managers who would like to refer members to the CONNECT 2U Program should have members book a conversation with Julie to see if it’s the right fit.